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The Writings On The Wall


All the dancers were amazing and I feel so glad and honored to be part of the finalists for tomorrow’s competition. Yoshika and I shared the stage with beautiful and talented dancers. Happy to meet new friends from all over the globe. Le’Mirage, wish you’re all here! @sgbellydance @ohnerrad

Selfie with Anusch! (at Het Leidse Volkshuis)

Team Le’Mirage! One more hour before the competition starts! (at City Hotel Nieuw Minerva)

From Leiden Centraal to Amsterdam Centraal for a bike tour!

And to the Condomerie we go. (at Condomerie)

Sunny indeed! (at Station Amsterdam Centraal)

It’s not just about sex and prostitution. It has something to do with history and economics as well. See how far your €2.00 can go. (at Sex Palace Peep Show)

Ham and cheese overload! (at The Bulldog Hotel Amsterdam)

Goedemorgen! (at The Bulldog Hotel Amsterdam)

Can’t wait to be part of this event! See you in a few days, Leiden!